Kate Moss for Another Magazine, Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Photographed by: Alasdair McLellan 


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12 plaid essentials to shop now

We’re almost mid-way through September, which means it’s almost time to break out the flannels. If you don’t own anything plaid, or even if you’ve worn your favorite checked button-downs to threads, you’re in luck, because we’re bringing you the best plaid picks for fall. In an effort to not look like a lumberjack (unless that’s the look you’re going for), pair your plaid with fitted basics, like jeans, sneakers and leather jackets. Shop some of the picks below, and check out the rest of the 12 essentials here.

ASOS Shirt With Dip Dye

Topman White Plaid Tartan Shirt

Fish & Chips by Base London Plaid Sneakers

Plaid Fringe Scarf

Barbour Plaid Toiletry Bag

Brooks Brothers Plaid Slim Tie

Brooks Brothers Signature Tartan Briefcase


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This made me feel better


This made me feel better